FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Putting up climbing holds

How do I put climbing holds directly on brick wall?
How do I put climbing holds directly on concrete?
How do I put climbing holds directly on a wooden wall or wooden board?
Do climbing holds come with bolts included?
How do I put up climbing holds directly on drywall?
How do I place climbing holds for children?
What T-nuts should I use outdoors?
How do I mount climbing holds on aerated concrete, leca concrete, ytong or air bricks?
How to mount climbing holds on wood directly from the front?
Can the climbing holds carry an adult?

Do-it-yourself climbing wall

What do I need to figure out before I build my climbing wall?
Which boards should I choose for my climbing wall?
How do I make climbing boards myself?
How many climbing holds should I put up per square metre?
Can I use MDF or OSB boards for climbing walls?
Which climbing holds should I choose for children?
What is the difference between different types of climbing holds?
What about fall surfaces and safety of climbing walls for children?

General questions about climbing walls

What is the difference between a climbing wall and a boulder?
What are the requirements for fall surfaces in public places?
Where can I find a autobelay that prevents falls?

Questions about climbing shoes

Which climbing shoes should I choose as a beginner?
How do I choose the right climbing shoes?
What is the difference between "slippers" and climbing shoes with laces and velcro?
How do I measure my foot before buying climbing shoes?
What are climbing shoes made of?
Should I Buy Climbing Shoes for Kids?
Should my toes be completely curled up in my climbing shoes?

Questions about climbing harnesses

Which climbing harness can I use when I am pregnant?
Which climbing harness should I choose as a beginner?
What should I consider before buying a new climbing harness?
Which climbing harnesses are best for schools and institutions?
How do I choose the right size climbing harness when shopping on a webshop?
When should I discard my old climbing harness?
What different types climbing harnesses are there?

Questions about climbing training

What is agonist and antagonist training?