Carabiners for Climbing

Carabiners for Climbing

Carabiners are found in many models and levels of safety. Find them all here or ask us for advice on which one to choose 
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Gummiring til fiksering af karabin fra FIXE

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Steel Carabiner for fixed installation Indus Steel-20

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Karabin Karabinhage Keylock i rustfrit stål til klatring Indus+

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ATTACHE Carabiner from Petzl-20

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Ferrata Express Sleeve Karabin til klatring og via ferrata

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Stålkarabin med twistlock fra FIXE til klatring

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HMS karabinhage med twistlock - passo-Twist fra Skylotec

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Carabiner for climbing and rope activity - Safety approved carabiners

There are a number of different carabiners. Various types include screw carbines, HSE carbines, D carbines, twist-lock carbines and, wire carbines, all used as part of the personal climbing equipment. A carabiner can be designed exclusively to carry equipment or it can be designed to hold your body weight. The strength of the carabiner is evident in each product. Carabiner hooks for climbing should at least always be CE marked or UIAA approved. It is first and foremost about safety, which is why ALL our carabiner hooks are CE marked or UIAA approved.

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Carabiner Types

karabin med skrue lukke system

Screwlock carbiner

This is a carabiner with screws. It must be screwed to open and to lock. The carbine is the most used in climbing and is available in a myriad of variations and shapes. The carabiner does not lock itself automatically and it is therefore important that the user handle it correctly.


Twistlock carabiner

Twistlock carabiner hooks are considered to be more secure as the closing mechanism automatically locks when the shutter is released. The carabiner is relatively easy to operate with one hand. Carabiners with this closure mechanism are also available in different designs.

karabin med trilock systemet

Trilock carabiner

The safest carabiner of the three types. To open it, you first have to push, then turn and finally push it. If released again, the carbine closes itself by performing all three steps in the opposite order. The three steps are called the carabiner garden for trilock. It requires a little practice to use, but in turn has a high degree of safety.


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