Climbing holds for kids - jugs

Climbing holds for kids - jugs

Climbing holds for children should always be of the jug or mini jug type. Below you will find a selection that is all developed for small hand. Also suitable for kids rooms.

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Climbing holds for kids - Climbing holds in amazing shapes and colors

A climbing wall in the home is a fun and motivating challenge for a child's motor skills, balance and movement. Climbing on the wall in the children's room can be a wonderful alternative to the ladder up to the bunk bed and gives the child many wonderful hours of "climb up, jump down" play. The climbing holds can also be mounted outdoors on the playhouse, on the gable or as part of other playground equipment in the garden.

Climbing holds for children must be of good quality, have rounded edges and good gripping options. In this category we have a large selection of climbing holds that are especially suitable for children.

Climbing holds of the jugs type have exactly the characters that are good for children, good, great gripping possibilities and rounded shapes. Jugs are available in both large and small, a mix of sizes is optimal for children so there is both a bit of a challenge and something easy so the experience can always be a success.

Climbing fits right into the children's room, it can e.g. be a fun alternative to the ladder up to the bunk bed or as an activity where you can burn a little extra energy. Whatever the reason for having a climbing holds in the children's room, it is a fantastic fun and natural way for children to develop their motor skills and strengthen both muscles and skeleton. An active start in life can lead to a long and positive relationship with physical activity, and we know this is important for a long and healthy life.

Whether the climbing holds are to be used by a young climber who also goes for climbing, or by a child who just wants a more exciting way up the bunk bed than a ladder, it obviously has an impact on which holds to choose. If the holds are to be used by a child who does not have as much climbing experience, jugs as mentioned above are the right solution, with some large and some small it does not get much better. If, on the other hand, the child e.g. gos climbing, you can easily mix other and more difficult hold types together with some easy holds, and this way make the wall more challenging and exciting. It may also be that the child/children themselves have an opinion about which holds they like to climb on, and then they can easily have an influence on the choice of holds.

However, we do not recommend holds types such as Crimps and small Pockets for children, as they can cause unnecessary stress on children's developing fingers.

No matter if the climbing holds are to be used on a mini climbing wall in the garden or a playground at an institution, a large part of our climbing holds are approved under the playground regulations DS / EN1176 and also has the German TÜV quality stamp. The different certifications appear from the descriptions when you click on the product.

Before you build your own climbing wall for children, here are a few tips with things you need to keep track of:

1. Height and width of the wall.
2. Do not build the climbing wall higher than 250 cm
3. Consider whether the climbing holds should be mounted directly on the wall, or on a wooden board (wooden board provides flexibility to move the climbing holds around for new challenges.
4. What type of wall it should be mounted on (brick, concrete, plaster, wood).
5. Who will use the climbing wall (child, young, adult, beginner, practiced or experienced).
6. Last but not least, remember a soft fall surfade.

If you have the answers to points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, you can easily start finding boards and everything needed for mounting climbing holds.


You are always welcome to write to us in the chat box at the bottom left, or send us an email at with your wishes and needs for a climbing wall and we will be happy to help with offers, advice and guidance so you will get exactly what you need.