Chalk for Climbing

Chalk for Climbing

Avoid sweaty and slippery hands when climbing. Choose the type of chalk that is right for you. We have a wide selection of both liquid, powder and solid chalk.

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Chalk for Climbing

Chalk or magnesium for rock climbing, bouldering, and sports climbing indoors and outdoors. We constantly strive to expand our range of specially developed products for use in climbing sports. Various types of chalk and magnesium have been developed in order to ensure high friction and to inhibit the swinging of hard-working hands. Preferences differ, which is why we have a wide range of chalk products currently on the market.

Types of chalk for climbing: 

Loose Chalk (Magnesium Carbonate)
Loose chalk can be ground very fine (Puder) or left in larger pieces or chunks. Puder chalk is mostly just referred to as loose chalk and bigger chunks of chalk are often called crunchy chalk or chunky chalk. A lot of climbers like squashing crunchy chalk to the size they need in their fingers. 

Chalk Blocks
Chalk also comes in a solid, compressed form, known as a chalk block. Some users prefer chalk blocks because they can break it down into any size they like, which sometimes requires more than normal finger strength – if you’ve ever seen a climber standing on their chalk bag, now you know what they were probably doing!


Chalk Balls or Chalk Socks
Chalk can be easily packed into chalk balls or chalk socks. These socks are really useful for minimizing chalk wastage and chalk dust. A chalk ball is basically like a thin sock, that releases chalk through its material walls when you apply pressure to it.


Have any questions about which chalk to choose? Feel free to reach out to! 

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