A quickdraw or an express loop, also called a loop, consists of a small piece of loop (11, 16, 18 or 25 cm) with a carabiner at each end. Typically, there is little difference between the two carbines, so it is always easy to tell the difference between which carabiner to put in the rope and which to put on the wall.

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Lilly Flassbeck på Mallorca

Quickdraw and Express slings

We carry a number of different quickdraws in our webshop. There is a big difference between the weight of the different quickdraws but also how they feel to handle. The latter, of course, is a matter of taste.

Generally, a quickdraw or express loop set consists of two carbines with a small piece of sling that connects between them. Typically, on the slightly expensive sets, the carbines are differentiated, the lower one is particularly suitable for cutting the rope. In addition, two different colors are often seen on the carbines, in order to make it easier to know the difference between up and down. The carbines can have both wiregate and massive gate. See more under each product.

The default length of a quickdraw is 11 cm, but on this page, we have another 18 and 25 cm available. Furthermore, we carry both the Dyneema version if you are looking for the lightest, and the nylon version if you like a slightly greater sense of heaviness.

For most quickdraws, a small rubber ring is inserted at the lower carabiner to make the quickdraw more stable/stiff. This makes it easier to cut the rope into the carbine.

On some of the quickdraw kits, there is an additional discount when purchasing 5 or 10 pieces at a time.