8C Plus Calcium

8C Plus Calcium

8C Plus Calcium Products - A Climbing Essential

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To kalkbolde til klatring 8c Plus kalkbolde

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8c Plus Magnesium kalk 760 gr. MgClassic kalk til klatring

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8c Plus Colofonia Extrem til klatring

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Kalkblok MgClassic 8 C plus 120g kalk til sport

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8c Plus Kalk Mg Chalkcoal til klatring

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8C Plus

8C Plus is renewed, transformed and creates a new era of products, a distinct and different image. They have been working very hard to offer our customers the best chalk for the climbing community. A value-added product that takes care of their own and their environment. A value proposition that brings something unique to the market. Quality, excellence, and respect.