Climbing wall

Here you will find the necessary hardware for climbing walls. You will also find macros and volumes that can really transform climbing wall into something new and exciting.

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Anker bøjle Fixe SS super shut 3/8 hole
21.00 EUR

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Autobelay fra SAFEDOWN
2,799.00 EUR

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FIXE hænger 1 (M12) til klatring
7.13 EUR

+20 left in stock

FIXE Hænger 3 med to ringe til klatring
13.00 EUR

15 left in stock

PLX Hænger fra FIXE til klatring
29.00 EUR

14 left in stock

V-anker til indendørs klatrevægge fra FIXE
67.00 EUR

16 left in stock
5.27 EUR

+20 left in stock
3.24 EUR

+20 left in stock

Steel Carabiner for fixed installation Indus Steel-20
12.00 EUR

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Karabin Karabinhage Keylock i rustfrit stål til klatring Indus+
12.00 EUR

13 left in stock
18.00 EUR

only 1 pcs. left!

FIXE slynge til klatring
20.00 EUR

+20 left in stock

1-12 of 29