Climbing Holds - Artline creates imaginative shapes on the climbing wall

Climbing Holds - Artline creates imaginative shapes on the climbing wall

With an exceptional and exciting design, Artline offers climbing holds that cover a wide range of movement patterns

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1-12 of 85

Artline Climbing Holds

Artline climbing holds are used by many different boulder gyms around Europe and the rest of the world. Competition problems are put up with climbing holds from Artline that contributes to both unexpected and interesting problems/climbing routes. Also, the many great plywood volumes that give the climbing routes character and create other exciting opportunities. In addition to a very large and inspiring range of climbing holds, Artline also produces training tools targeted for climbers. Both different grip balls, moldings, cylinders, etc. can be put up in the ceiling or a door frame.

Brice Anziutti who is the owner and founder of Artline is herself a former competition climber and continuously collaborates with several different designers who all climb on a very high level. The climbing holds from Artline is made from climbers for climbers.