Climbing Accessories

Climbing Accessories

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akupunktur ring for fingrene fra Kletter Retter
6.00 EUR

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Teleskopstav med børste til boulder
65.00 EUR

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18.00 EUR

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Red Chili Boulder Brush - Dirty Hairy - Small
5.50 EUR

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16.00 EUR

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Fixe alkohol spray til rengøring af klatreudstyr
9.26 EUR

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Edelrid Hudson Hammer værktøj til klatring
81.00 EUR

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Holder/hylster til Hudson Hammer til klatring
7.00 EUR

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40.00 EUR

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15.00 EUR

- only 1 pcs. left!
21.00 EUR

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Petzl Spiky Plus 1 Anti-Slip såler til sko
23.00 EUR

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Tape til rutebygning på klatrevægge fra Metolius
14.00 EUR

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Pandelampe TIKKINA fra Petzl 150 lumens sort
20.00 EUR

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14 Item(s)

Climbing Accessories and Climbing Equipment 

We often come across cool and fun climbing accessories, which are not really part of the basic climbing equipment, but which are nonetheless a super cool to have. We have put together all the cool climbing gadgets and accessories in this category. Here you will find, for example, a telescopic rod that can be pulled out to 3.5 meters to help you cut the first carabiner on the rock. You can also find climbing gloves, headlamps or custom made detergent for washing and maintaining your climbing rope and other climbing equipment. It is also in this category that we have gathered sports tapes, wrist and elbow guards and oils for the care of hands and muscles after climbing. Browse climbing essentials, training gear, and bouldering accessories. We have the best and most respected climbing brands to help you get to the top and improve your safety and climbing performance.