Climbing Bags

Climbing Bags

Whether you need a rope bag or a spacious duffle bag with backpack straps for all your gear, we have one that fits.

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Taske til klatrereb - Ropebag fra Skylotec

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klatrerygsæk fra Petzl BUG

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Klatretaske rebtaske TRANSPORTER fra Skylotec på 100 liter til klatring

Dufflebag M Skylotec orange

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rebpose til opbevaring af klatrereb

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Klatretaske GREENSTONE fra Skylotec på 35 liter

Rope Bag Skylotec-20

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Backpacks, Rucksacks, Duffle bags - We have the coolest climbing bags!

Equipment bags are available in many variants. Duffle bags have been on the market for a few years and has been produced by virtually all manufacturers in the outdoor industry. A duffle bag is a nice basic bag. In addition to duffle bags, we have more specific rope bags or rope bags suitable for the trip out on the rocks. There is usually a rope laze attached to each rope bag so you can protect your rope while securing. You can read more about that under the specific product. As a combination bag, we also have some cool backpack solutions that can help you organize your climbing equipment in the best possible way. Browse our climbing bags here.