Safety on climbing walls

Safety on climbing walls

Securing yourself as you climb is a natural part of moving up the wall. It requires something to secure yourself with. Here you will find different safety hardware for mounting on climbing walls

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V-anker fra FIXE med to hængere, kæder og to modsatrettede karabiner

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FIXE hænger 1 (M12) til klatring

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Autobelay fra SAFEDOWN

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FIXE Hænger 3 med to ringe til klatring

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V-anker med to O-ringe topanker fra FIXE til klatring

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V-anker til sikring med to hængere og Draco-karabin fra FIXE

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V-anker til klatring med to hængere og skruekarabin

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V-anker til klatring med topreb.

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Steel Carabiner for fixed installation Indus Steel-20

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Safety on the climbing wall - Top and bottom anchors, hangers, auto belays

Safety is a key part of all climbing sports, and when you establish and maintain a climbing wall that is taller than 2.5 meters, there are a number of safety equipments that you need to pay attention to. In this category you will find a selection of hangers, top anchors, slings for mounting on the climbing wall and bottom anchors. All products specially developed for the climbing environment.

If you have any doubts about which safety equipment to install on your climbing wall, you are always welcome to write to us in the small chat box at the bottom right. You can also call us on +45 4012 4263