Kong Italy - High-class Safety Climbing Equipment 

Kong Italy - High-class Safety Climbing Equipment 


Italian Kong manufactures rope clamps and security equipment for both industrial use and sports climbing. Find best-in-class safety equitment for climbing here: 

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Duck/Ropeman rebklemme til klatring fra Kong

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Kong Ghost Descender letvægts og multiuse rebbremse til klatring

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Aro Sling Tubular 2 stk 30 cm slynger til klatring fra Kong

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Ferrata Express Sleeve Karabin til klatring og via ferrata

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Double Aro Adventure kraftig slynge 52 cm fra Kong

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Rulle til svævebane Zip Evo pulley fra Kong

restock den 14/07/2020

Kong Zip Evo + Hook til svævebaner

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Kong Tango Karabin til Via Ferrata og klatring i blå

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8 Item(s)

Kong Italy - High-class Safety Climbing Equipment 

Kong Italy is a traditional company that originated at the foot of the Alps in Italy. They have been manufacturing high-class safety equipment since 1830 and call themselves "A manufacturer of safety where the risk is the protagonist". With the danger / risk as the main character, Kong Italy has developed safety equipment for both sports and professional use in the industry. Browse safety equipment for climbing here.