The latest arrivals in climbing holds

New designs of climbing holds are especially interesting in the context of competitive climbing. The climber is thus unaware of what awaits him on the next hold.

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Climbing holds from Artline and eXpression - The latest climbing hold series

Old and familiar climbing holds makes the climbing style somewhat repetitive as the climber knows how to hold a specific (and familiar) hold. With unknown and new climbing hold, you have the opportunity to create routes more "outdoors like", where the climber does not know what to expect from the surface of the hold he is going for next. It makes the climb exciting and unpredictable.

That is why we have created a category with new climbing holds, where we show you the latest climbing series from ARTline and eXpression. The new series will be presented continuously throughout the year and regularly replaced. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the category in relation to what is happening within climbing holds.