Climbing for the little ones



Children are born to climb and they love it! Find everything you need for your little climber here: 

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Klatregreb ERGO Holds - Animal L
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Klatregreb ERGO Holds - Play Mix
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Klatregreb til børn i sjove figurer
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Helkropsklatresele til børn
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Klatrevæg med sjove klatregreb til børn
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Edelrid SOLIS - Full body harness - Small or Large
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Climbing walls created for the child's physical development

Home climbing walls rank a little bit with waterslides, gaming arcades and pet unicorns as objects of home fantasy. What kid, or adult for that matter, hasn’t checked off “climbing wall” when dreaming about his or her ultimate funhouse? But unlike many other dreamy home features, climbing walls can live beyond our imaginations. Children are born to climb and they love it. By building a colorful climbing wall, the child can train the movements over and over again, building up some great muscle memory from the very beginning. Climbing requires coordination between the arms, legs, core, and spinal cord and therefore climbing is a great exercise for the little ones. 

Gubbies is specialized in climbing equipment. Therefore, we consider it a natural thing to advise on building a climbing wall in your house. Many institutions, kindergartens, leisure clubs and SFO's also build their own climbing wall.

Ready-to-use Climbing Walls for kids 

We advise on the right choice of holds and materials for the construction of a climbing wall. We deliver ready-to-use climbing walls as well as the materials if you want to unscrew the wall. A Gubbies climbing wall complies with applicable standards,  DS / EN 1176, DS / EN 1177 and DS 1500. On each product, you will find our specific recommendations for what kind of screws and material you will need for your climbing wall. 

If you need advice or wants us to develop a non-binding offer on a climbing wall you are more than welcome to contact us on

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