DIY - Build your own climbing wall

Did you know that building your own climbing wall at home is quite easy? It can be made both fun and aesthetic - We are always ready to give advice and guidance! 
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How to build your own climbing wall - It's easier than you might think! 

When building your own climbing wall, first consider:

1. Height and width of the wall. Do not build the climbing wall higher than 250 cm

2. Whether the climbing holds should be mounted directly on the wall, or on a wooden board

3. What type of wall it should be mounted on (brick, concrete, plaster, wood).

4. Who should use the climbing wall (child, young, adult, beginner, lightly practiced or experienced climber).

If you have the answers to points 1, 2, 3 and 4, you can easily start to find plates, everything for mounting and climbing holds. When choosing climbing holds for children or for a beginner, good big jugs are a good choice. Should the climbing wall be used by a more experienced climber, only the imagination will set limits and you can go hunting in Gubbie's large selection of climbing holds. 

Remember Crash Pads underneath the climbing wall for security reasons.

You can also send us an e-mail at with your wishes and needs for a climbing wall. Then we will make a non-binding offer for you - all-inclusive and ready for assembly!