Stylish climbing harnesses

Stylish climbing harnesses

The climbing harness is an essential part of your personal climbing equipment. There is a sea of different climbing harnesses, each with different advantages.

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Climbing harnesses - Buy the right harness here

Before you buy your climbing harness, it is important that you decide for yourself what the climbing harness will be used for. As a first-time buyer, it is important to get a harness with a good padding. This ensures that you can sit in to the harness for a long time without getting tired legs. Hip and thigh measurements appear on each product, so you are sure to get the right size.

Climbing harness for education: Look for a “one-size” climbing harness, simple in construction, durable and with self-locking buckles. Good padding is less important

Climbing harness for long climbing routes: Look for good padding and 4 equipment loops

Climbing harness for competition and indoor climbing: Look for a lightweight harness with few equipment loops

Climbing harness for children: Choose a full body harness for children between 100 and 140 cm (max 40 kg). Hip harness can be used for older children and are available in both children's and junior sizes.

Climbing harness for new climbers: As a beginner, look for comfort, as you will most likely sit in the harness for a while. Find a harness with a well-padded hip belt and well-padded leg loops, and do not buy a "one-size" harness.


Different brands also have different sizes for small medium and large. Fortunately, the measurements for most of our climbing harnesses are labeled where you choose the size. All harnesses can be adjusted within the range specified. It is important that the harness fits snugly over the hip so that the harness cannot slide down over the hip. The thigh loops can be slightly looser and adjusted as desired.

Equipment loops

If you climb long sports routes, traditional or ice climbing, it is a good idea to have at least the 4 standard loops that most harnesses have. But if you want to climb exclusively on indoor climbing walls and for competitions, you will most likely need a harness that is as light as possible. Ie. with as few loops as possible or completely without.

Be aware that equipment loops can have different breaking strengths, which you can find information about in the individual manufacturer's description of the harness.


Today, the vast majority of climbing harnesses come with self-locking buckles, but you may find that some harnesses have a buckle where you have to guide the strap back through the buckle for it to be locked correctly. As it is a human factor that can be forgotten, Gubbies recommends harnesses with self-locking buckles.

Leg loops

Climbing harnesses come with either fixed or adjustable leg loops. Whether you want one or the other is a matter of taste, as the need to be able to adjust his leg loops only rarely arises. The buckles give extra weight and make the harness more expensive in return for a flexibility that most experienced climbers only rarely use.


You can read much more about choosing the right harness here: Worth knowing when buying harness

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