Training Products

Climbing can be demanding for your muscles and joints. Therefore it's a good idea to strengthen these through controlled exercises, specific and targeted training. Below are various products that can help you with the necessary training. 

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Træning til klatring - Artline Balls wood/træ 8.0

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Træning til fingerstyrke klatring - Artline Balls wood/træ 10.0

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Rund campusliste small til klatring fra Woodpecker Holds

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Woodpecker Holds campusliste til klatretræning

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Hemisphere 12-20

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Powerfingers træningsudstyr til fingre og underarme fra Kletter Retter

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trænings cylinder /nonchucks 50 mm

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Power Grips rejse træningsudstyr fra Metolius

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Træningsudstyr til klatring

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Træningsredskaber til klatring

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Climbing Equipment - Warm up and Strength Training

Climbing is a demanding sport to practice. As you climb, your entire body is at work from the tip of your finger to the very outer of your toe. As climbing has become a widespread sport practiced in climbing clubs throughout the year, all over the world, we have experienced a growing demand for easy-to-wear exercise equipment at home, giving you the opportunity to exercise at any time. We provide a diverse range of exercise equipment to cover both climbing warm-up, injury prevention and strength training. And we are constantly working to add more products to this category.

Exercise equipment designed for climbers

Both hangboards, finger training tools, and exercise slings have been carefully selected and tested in the climbing clubs around the world. We make every effort to find products specifically designed for climbers. Our training loop (TRX training system) was developed by a German climber and physiotherapist and there is a booklet with training exercises targeted for climbing training.