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Climbing gear from Gubbies. Here you will only find climbing equipment that meets the standards. It's all about your safety

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Ascender til klatring
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rebpose til opbevaring af klatrereb
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tree fork 140
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Climbing equipment for rope climbing and bouldering

Climbing in Europe is rapidly evolving. From being a sport solely for wild daredevils on rocks around the world, climbing have evolved to be an extremely high level indoor sport as well. New climbing gym are constantly popping up on the climbing map in Europe, and we always strive to provide the best equipment for precisely the types of climbing and bouldering that are developing and being practiced right now.

Climbing equipment is produced by many different companies. Whether you are into one brand or another is more a matter of taste than anything else. However, there are small features and elements that differentiate the brands a bit. Some climbing equipment manufacturers are good at producing carabiners and have patents on certain locking machanisams such as magnetic locking and more. Others are good for belay devices or climbing harnesses. A good example is the Gri-Gri from Petzl, which has almost become a house hold name for a mechanical assisted breaking device, although there are also other manufacturers doing something similar.

Climbing equipment must be safe. Therefore, guidance on use, disposal and maintenance is also an essential part of our business. If you are in doubt, you are welcome to contact us.
In order for it to be safe to climb, you must take some important precautions, which include, among other things, that you regularly review your climbing equipment and inspect it for breaks and wear. In connection with the review of equipment, also called PPE, a logbook is typically used to note the replacement, acquisition dates, etc.
All our safety equipment is CE marked or UIAA approved if applicable, so you know that safety is top notch.

No matter what kind of climbing you prefer, we have all the equipment you need. Crashpads, climbing shoes and large chlak bags for bouldering. Ropes, harnesses, carabiners, brakes, quickdraws, and prusik cords for rope climbing. Rope bags, throwing cords and throwing bags for tree climbing. Friends, wedges, witches and helmets for traditional climbing.

In general, we have some good prices on climbing gear and we are also happy to put together packages for schools, institutions and climbing gyms. If you have special needs or want further and in-depth information about specific products from the webshop, you are more than welcome to contact us at the telephone number below or email.

Tree Climbing Equipment

Tree climbing requires a lot of equipment. As a tree climber, you have some special needs that differ from both sports climbing, bouldering, and traditional climbing. Therefore, in this category, we have put together the equipment that is particularly suitable for tree climbing equipment. Here you will find both throwing bags, ropes, helmets - everything that caters to tree climbing.