Screw set for climbing panel

6 pcs 6 x 80mm screws

Dekromat treated 6 mm screw
Lenght: 80 mm 
Drill bit size: dia. Ø8mm

6.50 EUR




6 pcs 6 x 80mm screws

The screws + nylonplugs are intended to be used with out climbing panels. 6 pcs is the requirement for one panel. The set will work very well in concrete walls as well as masonry. May be used externally as well.

1. Drill a dia Ø8mm hole in the wall. 65mm deep

2. Clean the hole with a blow pump or vacuumcleaner.
3. Push the nylonplug all the way  into the hole.
4. Insert the screw into the panel and point it into the hole. Tighten the screw.
(Do you have a very uneven wall surface a washed can be placed on the screw between the panel and the wall)

Tools and eqiupment needed:

  • Screwset 6 x 80mm including plugs
  • Drilling machine with dia Ø8mm drill bit
  • Screwdriver/power with torx 30 bit

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