Sports Climbing Shoes

Sports climbing shoes should be flat bottomed and with good comfort. Find everything you need in sports climbing shoes here: 

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Butora Acro Blue Narrow klatresko til smalle fødder

29 pairs in stock

Butora Acro Orange klatresko wide fit

14 pairs in stock

Butora Endeavor Moss allround wide fit klatresko

16 pairs in stock

Prisvindende Solution klatresko fra La Sportiva

La Sportiva Solution Woman klatresko til kvinder

La Sportiva Miura VS klatresko med velcrolukning

La Sportiva Genius klatresko til den kræsne klatrer

Butora Endeavor Crimson Wide Fit allround klatresko

21 pairs in stock

Butora Narsha klatresko

41 pairs in stock

Butora Narsha Blue Narrow Fit klatresko til smalle fødder

20 pairs in stock

Butora Brava Violet klatresko til børn

2 pairs in stock

Butora Brava Blue klatresko til børn

3 pairs in stock

12 Item(s)

Climbing shoes for sports climbing

If you primarily climb route and sports climbing, whether it is on bolted routes or climbing in the traditional way, we have climbing shoes for you. At Gubbies, we are all climbers and know the problem of choosing the right climbing shoes. It is no easy discipline and that is why we also make great efforts to guide and help you choose the right shoes. You can contact us on to get guidance on which shoe to choose. 

Sizeguide for Climbing Shoes

The climbing shoes and their sizes can be a hard nut to crack. The different manufacturers have different ways of scaling up and down, depending on where they are produced. Some models need 2-3 sizes up to your normal shoe size and others you need to scale 2-3 sizes down.

That is why we have made size guides related to the specific brands. You can find links to the size guides on each product.

Have questions about sizes and fit? Hit us up on or in the chat function in the bottom left corner.