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The trust of being face to face with shopkeeper is still not quite the same online. We want to change that. So whenever you see a webshop with the e-mark, rest assured that it’s the right place to make your next purchase. This is why:


The e-mark has done the hard work for you
The e-mark is the Danish guarantee for secure, transparent online shopping. All shops have had their terms of conditions validated by their experts and will be subject to regular checks as long as they carry the e-mark. With their buyer protection, they even put DKK 10,000 on the line to ensure your purchase. they do this because they believe in all their webshops, and they encourage you to do the same.


Online shopping above and beyond the law
Webshops with the e-mark don’t just stay within the boundaries of the law. They go one step further by protecting you financially and safeguarding you against surcharges and other unpleasant surprises. Should something unexpected go wrong, they are there to help you out - even when complaints boards or the law can’t do the trick. No problem is too great and no amount too small. Their experts are always ready to help find the best possible solution.


What you really need to know, when you shop online
On webshops with the e-mark you get more of what really matters to you when you shop online. Their customer score and shipping score show what other customers think of the shop, and how quickly they are able to dispatch orders. That is how the e-mark differs from the competition that is based on reviews, bickering and personal opinion. Instead, they present you with data you can trust.


Better e-commerce for all of us
The e-mark is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 by a broad variety of organizations, ranging from the Danish Consumer Council to the Confederation of Danish Enterprise. Their 2,200+ Danish members sell everything from computer games and clothing to baby gear and basketballs. They unite webshops and consumers in an effort to strengthen Danish e-commerce for the greater good of us all.


Contact the e-mark completely free of charge via their Consumer Hotline every weekday between 9.00 AM and 3.00 PM on +45 44 85 85 90 or send an email to info@emaerket.dk


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FAQ about the e-mark 

What is the e-marks's buyer protection?

The e-mark is a Danish buyer protection service and the mediation and case management function, that you as a consumer can use for free if a trade on an e-branded webshop goes south.

Does it cost anything to get help through the e-marks's buyer protection?

No. It's free to have your case processed through the danish e-mark's buyer protection service.

What does financial security mean to me?

The financial hedge covers your financial loss by up to DKK 10,000 per trade for 2 years after the purchase has taken place. However, financial security only covers the purchase of legal, physical goods at an e-marked webshop.

When does financial security cover my loss?

You may be covered by your financial loss if the webshop you have been shopping on does not meet its obligations as an e-marked webshop for delivery, billing, returns, complaints, deficiencies or non-compliance with decisions of the Complaints Board or court. At the same time, it is a condition that you can not cover your financial loss in other ways via e.g. Opposition scheme.

What does financial protection not cover?

The financial security only covers the purchase of legal, physical goods at an e-marked webshop.

Why does financial protection only cover physical goods?

At the e-mark, they want to ensure prompt and competent case handling when the financial hedge is activated. Since the provision of services is regulated in many places in the legislation and is, therefore, a very complicated area of ​​law, the e-mark has chosen to limit it to only physical goods.

How long does it take to get a case handled by the e-mark?

The average case processing time is 30 days, but often it will go much faster. In the first instance, they will try to find a solution between you and the e-marked webshop you have been shopping on. If it is not possible to find a solution, they can offer, based on a specific assessment of the case, under certain conditions, a possible loss in connection with the purchase of a physical product - however a maximum of DKK 10,000 per trade.

Can I still get help even if the webshop gets its e-mark removed?

Was the webshop e-marked when you shopped on it, but since lost it, they can still help you. In these cases, you will most often be asked to submit a variety of documentation to substantiate a claim.

How do I use the e-marks's buyer protection?

On the e-brand's website, you will find a form that you must use to make a claim under the buyer protection. They must receive your case within 60 days of the claim having arisen unless special circumstances apply. For example, a claim may arise when the trader has rejected a complaint or refused to deliver within an agreed date.

You can find more information on the e-mark's website here

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