Skill, strength, and technique are all important aspects of climbing; men hva du har på deg, kan ha med din ydeevne. You might be wearing pants that are too tight, your shorts might have been stuck with the leg loops of the harness, or you might have opted for a cotton shirt then now that it's drenched with sweat, you can feel the weight wearing you down. Det er ingen formel outfit å klatre, siden hver person har sine egne preferanser, men her er en rask guide på hva som er best å bruke.


Indoor sports climbing

For guys, the choice if you should wear shorts or pants is definitely up to you. If you're wearing loose shorts though, opt for those with tight inside so when you climb up, your sensitive areas are protected from the view below. Shorts, however, do not give your legs protection from scrapes and bruises since your skin is in direct contact, but the breezy feeling is comforting. Those who prefer pants have this advantage; hun benen zijn veiliger van de scratches en wanneer klimmen buitenshuis, het zal niet worden geraakt door de zon te veel. Husk å plukke dem som har det ekstra strekket, så du er fortsatt i stand til å treffe høyttaler, slippe knee og veldig krok komfortabelt. For tops, the range is very fast from tank tops, shirts, and long sleeve ones. Quick-dry fabrics are best of course, so opt for textiles that are meant for athletic use.

For girls, the idea is pretty much the same. Opt for clothes that you are most comfortable with, and also something that is suitable for climbing. Yoga pants or sports leggings are great for climbing, since they give your legs protection, they are smart fit, and they are catered for activities that require a lot of movement. Shorts are okay too, but make sure when they are fit and secure-they have the tendency to run up especially when you wear your harness. For tops, wear your most trusted sports well underneath a tank top or a shirt. Some would wear old loose shirts which are fine, but make sure it's not too loose since it might be dangling around and getting caught with your harness. There is also sportswear that embeds the good into the top, that could be a good option as well.


Outdoor sports climbing

Når du klatrer ute, vær alltid oppmerksom på de aktuelle værforholdene. If it's winter season, always bring a fleece jacket to keep yourself warm (and also keep your backpack light). The sun is high and dry? Go sleeveless and show off the biceps you've been using hard. Doing a multi-pitch route? Wear your most comfortable clothes since it will be a long way up. Remember to better be prepared than sorry.


Gear to wear

Climbers have specially designed shoes that are suitable for the sport. These come in different colors, styles, and sizes, and you can check the guide on how to pick it here. Climbing shoes are meant to be worn with no socks (yes, sorry) so make sure you clean your pair regularly. A chalk bag is on every climber's waist, and you should have one on your own by now. Remember to wear it over your top to make it easy accessible; pick one that's not too deep so dripping your fingers for a dose of chalk will not be too time consuming (do not underestimate the extra 2 seconds of you grabbing left over chalk)


Comfort is key, but preference varies. Hvad er vigtigt er at din fleksibilitet ikke er forhindret i de klær du har på mobilitet, er integreret i klatring, og du ville ikke ønske at falde ud eller være ude af stand til at komme ud lige fordi du har den forkerte outfit. Stay aware, and climb on!