A Quick Setup to get You on the REAL Rocks!

Jun 21, 2018

Once you have the basic indoor kit sorted out, it's fairly easy and cheap to go climbing on the real rocks. You only need to add a few extra pieces of gear to be able to climb in a safe manner and have fun on the mountain faces. Below is an overview of the gear needed. The gear needed is an addition to what you already have from climbing indoors.

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Posted in Climbing outdoors By Steffen Woetmann & Vojtěch Dědek

The BEST Climbing Road Trip of all Time: A Year of Climbing in the Western U.S.

Jul 10, 2020

Start planning your dream climbing road trip! The western United States is stacked with some of the best climbing destinations in the world, and the geographic diversity of the region means there are climbing areas in season year-round. The following guide outlines what I have deemed the perfect way to travel around the west for one year of bucket list climbing. These seven spots vary greatly in rock type, climbing style, and general vibe, which keeps things interesting and ensures you’ll be a well-rounded climber in addition to a well-traveled one by the end of this circuit.

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Posted in Climbing outdoors By Alison Kaplan

Types of Walls for Outdoor Climbing and Techniques to Succeeded

Sep 07, 2018

It is relative in describing our walls, so we will break it down in this chart, and describe each one further.

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Posted in Climbing outdoors By Pope Egwaras