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Gubbies - Sensing Climbing was founded in 2010 and surfaced from a heart that beats for our field. We design, develop and distribute the best climbing products and facilities on the market. Our vision is to redefine the idea of climbing facilities as "architecture to climb". A vision that contains many different ideas and thoughts. For us, the combination between movement, architecture, and space, is the field that creates the framework for the development of the products and projects that we want to stand for. 





We could choose to write a great deal about all of our visions, missions, and values. But the truth is that our hearts beat for climbing and all that it entails. Nothing fancy and extravagant. We love what we do. We are passionate about giving you the very best guidance, whether you are a top-notch climber or completely green and inexperienced. So, if you have any questions, please reach out to us. And don't worry, you're not going to talk to some robot, but to one of our geeky climbing experts who probably just returned from a climbing trip to Norway, or someone who is as you speak, wearing all thinkable climbing gear. 


"The truth is that our hearts beat for climbing and all that it entails.
Nothing fancy and extravagant. We love what we do."



□      Gubbies – Sensing Climbing

□      Jegstrupvej 34

□      8361 Hasselager

□      Denmark 

□      CVR: 32601448

□      E-mail: info@gubbies.com

□      Phone number: +45 40 12 42 63

□      Establishment year: 2009



STEFFEN - CEO and Climbing Wall Designer

Steffen started Gubbies back in 2009. Steffen is an active sports climber in Aarhus Climbing Club and a trained instructor through the Danish Climbing Association. He has many years of experience with climbing. In addition, Steffen is also educated as an architect from the School of Architecture in Aarhus and has previously worked for both Danish and foreign architect studios. The great passion for climbing came when he lived and worked in Ireland for the Murray O'Laoire Architects Design Studio. When he came back to Denmark, he started designing and building climbing walls for clubs and institutions. Soon after, Gubbies surfaced. In addition to Steffen being a specialist in all of our products, a big part of his job is designing and building climbing facilities. He has a sharp eye when it comes to design, aesthetics, site analysis, conceptualization, construction and project management. If you are considering building a climbing wall, it is definitely him you need to get hold of.

115757  steffen@gubbies.com
transparent-background-clipart-phone-icon-2   + 45 40 12 42 63

Steffen i Sort hvid - LI POST

JULIE - Digital Marketing Manager

Julie is planning and executing all digital marketing activities and content, including web, SEO/SEM, e-mail, social media and copywriting.  She is maintaining our social media presence across all digital channels, measuring and reporting on the performance of all brand and marketing related activities. She is a digital native and a tech-savvy with an AP degree in Design Technology and Business and a specialization in Branding and Marketing Management. She thrives when creating successful marketing strategies, drives brand awareness and engagement with targeted and creative digital marketing and eye-catching campaigns. Besides having a strong grasp of current marketing tools, strategies, and trends she is also to be found in Aarhus Boulders climbing – just for fun.

115757  julie@gubbies.com
transparent-background-clipart-phone-icon-2   + 45 40 12 42 63


VOJTECH - Climbing Wall Designer and Admin

Vojtěch is designing climbing and bouldering walls, copywriting content for our website and helping out with the daily routine in the office. He is a passionate sports climber and boulderer - actually he is one of the best climbers in Denmark with ascents up to 8a+ although he expects harder ascents coming soon. You can find him training or being a climbing instructor in Århus Climbing Club or climbing at many sport crags around Europe. Vojtěch is educated as an Architect from Czech Technica University in Prague and as a Building Engineer from Aarhus School of Science and Engineering. He combines his expertise in how climbing works with his architectural background.  If you plan on getting a climbing wall or have any questions about climbing or climbing gear, he will always have some valuable input and great advice to share. 

115757  vojtech@gubbies.com
transparent-background-clipart-phone-icon-2   + 45 40 12 42 63

Vojtech i Sort hvid redigeret

THOMAS - Climbing Wall Installer and Service Representative

Since 1996 Thomas has been an active climber. He lived in Göteborg when he discovered the joy of rock climbing and spend the following years, climbing all over Europe. In 2007 he started building and maintaining routes at Bjerget in Viborg and from that point on, the climbing business became his profession. Thomas is thrilled to be able to combine his passion for climbing with his profession.  At Gubbies he is maintaining climbing walls, safety checking climbing walls and putting up routes. You will also meet Thomas if your gear needs the yearly safety check-up. Your climbing wall and equipment will always be in very good hands when he comes by.

115757  thomas@gubbies.com
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