Knee Pad UKEOMI from Garra

Knee Pad Garra UKEOMI
High performance kneepad
Ideal for overhanging / technical routes and boulders

60.00 EUR




Knee Pad Garra UKEOMI

Easy-fit wrap-around design with three adjustable straps. Its front part is pronounced and rounded to take advantage of all Kneebars. The posterior bend allows the leg to flex as the climber moves.

The kneepad is made of elastic and micro-perforated Nobuk, which provides good adherance to the skin or pants. The contact area towards the rick is is from 2.5 mm rubber that provides good friction. It allows for good sensitivity while providing padding at the same time.

Its three aluminum buckles allow you to fasten it well. Easy-to unclip buckes allow for loosening of the kneepad even during climbing, if you don't kneed the kneppad anymore. This is useful especially at long endurance routes with kneebars at the start. The buckle does not slip and can be tightened as much as you like, the more you pull, the better it holds.

The UMEKOMI Climbing Knee Pad is ideal for bouldering and sport climbing. It can take all kinds of kneebars and help you push to the next level.

NOTE: Kneepads works wellt on your pants, but for best performance place directly on the skin.

1. Place the kneepad on your thigh just above knee. Buckles willbe on the left.
2. Position it  where you want it. You won’t be able to move it once it is tightened. Attempting to move it once tightened may result in damage to non-rubber material.
3. Wrap & lightly stretch left side of the kneepade, hold it against leg with left hand.
4. Wrap & lightly stretch right side and swap out hands so that left hand is now holding both layers.
5.While holding the kneepad secure middle buckle.
6.Finish securing all buckles and tighten snugly. Do not over-tighten.
7. Climb!

Additional specifications:
Rubber: 2.5 mm
Size: 20x56 cm
Rubber size: 18x19 cm
Weight: 260 grams approx.


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