Climbing holds you have to pinch

Climbing holds you have to pinch

Pinch type climbing holds are designed so that the best hold is obtained by squeezingthe hold between the thumb and the other fingers. Like a handrail.

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Pinches - climbing holds you have to pinch in order to hold

Many of the pinch type climbing holds are very challenging and require a lot from the climber. On many of the pinch holds, one must thoroughly examine the surface to find the best place to hold / squeeze the hold.

Some of the pinch holds fill the entire palm of the hand while others are squeezed with the thumb and index finger. Some have large grooves and others have a smoother and simpler  surface.

Both eXpression and ArtLine have designed pinch climbing holds and they can all be found in this category. Have a look around and take a closer look at the pictures of the products.

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