BRAVA BLUE Climbing Shoes

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Comfortable climbing shoes for kids
Adjustable sizes for growing children's feet

53.00 EUR




BRAVA BLUE kids Climbing shoes

Whether your child is destined to be the first to climb a v18 or if he / she just enjoys climbing as an opportunities for play, movement, balance and excitement, BRAVA is a shoe that lets the child climb to the heart's desire. With a soft midsole, BRAVA lets the kids wear the shoe all day without any problems.

We recommend going approx. 2 sizes bigger in relation to your everyday shoes.

The shoe opens all the way up with a single flap which makes it easy to take off and put on your shoes.

Adjustable strap over the heel keeps the shoes comfortable even as the child's feet grow.

The top is made of 100% synthetic microfiber.


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