Auto belay max 12 metres

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AUTO BELAY MAX 12 metres
Auto belay for self belaying when climbing on a climbing wall
Must be serviced once a year
We service it on the spot

Call Gubbies +45 40124263 for more information

2,799.00 EUR




AUTO BELAY MAX 12 metres - automatic belaying of childrens

The auto belay allow climbing without a belaying partner. You simply clip themselves into a carabiner at the end of the wire, then you can start to climb. When your arms get tired and let go, the autobelay then slowly lower you down to the ground. This is done in a slow and controlled movement.

A Autobelay can be an amazing "training partner" for example, wants to do endurance training in the climbing gym. It works very well in more commercial contexts where there is a need to optimize the utilization of personnel.

The rope in the auto belay is designed to provide a soft and comfortable lowering and are comfortable to hold (as opposed to steel wire). If a specific length of rope desired we can mount a 6-12 metres rope in the auto belay. If an auto belay that can operate in taller facilities is desired, look here: AUTOBELAY MAX 33 metres.

Safety Approvals

The auto belay is also called a sportsdescender and is produced in England. It is approved under the European Union Directive EN 341 “Personal protection equipment against falls from a height – Descender devices”


In relation to servicing, an annual review of the fall protection equipment must be carried out. At Gubbies we ourselvs are able to provide this service. You can simply send us your auto belay and we will handle the check-up and sevicing and have it back to ASAP. The day the auto belay arives with us, we log it in our system with the unique production number. We can thus keep track of when it will need servicing and will contact you one month before that date.

If you would like to watch a autobelay in action, we will gladly help you find the nearest place with an auto belay so you can se one in person. Call and talk about the possibilities in your particular case.


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