Prusik cord 5 mm - 5 metre from Skylotec

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5 mm Prusik Cord
Diametre: 5 mm
Weight per. m: 16.5 g
Colour: Orange with grey flecks 
Material: Polyamide (nylon)

6.00 EUR




5 mm Prusik Cord - 5 m

For climbing, abseiling / rappeling prusik cord is used to secure the climber with the rope itself. With a special prusik knot the climber is bound stuck to the climbing rope so that if he loses hold of the rope he he gets caught. As a rule, you should choose a prusik cord with a diametre half the size of the rope, you climb on. This 5 mm prusiksnor fits perfectly if you climb on a 10 mm climbing rope. The length of a prusik sling varies between 60 cm and 120 cm, and must always be adapted to the person climbing. 

Please feel free to contact us if you need further guidance.

Further specification:
Ultimate load: 6.2 kN
Norm: EN 564


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