Hangboards for Strengthening your Fingers

Hangboards for Strengthening your Fingers

Want to increase your finger and grip strength? We have a wide range of hangboards and fingerboards that are useful for both beginners and experienced climbers.

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Beastmaker 1000 hangboard til træning af fingerstyrke klatring
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Beastmaker 2000 hangboard til træning af fingerstyrke klatring
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Fingerboard - comix club fra expression
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Wood Grips™ Compact II hangboard til træning fra Metolius
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Hangboard - Exercise Equipment for the club or at home

A hangboard is a training tool for the serious climber. Some also call them fingerboards. A hangboard is a kind of training beam that can be in your home or in your local climbing club. Typically over a door or on a tap strap. On a hangboard, you can do hanging exercises where tendons and muscles in the forearms and fingers are strengthened. It is recommended that you have climbed continuously for at least one year before starting training on a hangboard. Of course, it depends a bit on which hangboard you choose. Most boards have the following grip types: pinches, crimps, pockets, slopers, and jugs. That way you can vary the training of the different grip techniques. Jugs are like big climbing grips, so if you haven't climbed for that long and still want to work out on the hangboard, we recommend that you choose a hangboard with good jugs.

How to train on a Hangboard for Climbers 

How often should you use a hangboard? In most cases, it is recommended that the hangboard is to be used to hang static. Typical 10-15 seconds followed by a short break. This is repeated 6-10 times. Typically, there are some good jugs located at the outer end of each board that can be used to pull-ups in. And there are also various apps for using hangboards where you can easily get inspired for different exercises and workouts. Everyone could use greater finger strength – it can overcome many other weaknesses. While technical skill is incredibly important in climbing, as you improve, you will inevitably be limited by finger strength. While some routes can be finessed, there are many that simply cannot be climbed without a decent serving of finger force. Besides the ability to pull on small holds, increased strength improves endurance as well. By raising one’s strength ceiling, a move that previously may have required 80 percent effort might only require 70 percent effort in the future, resulting in less fatigue over a sequence of moves.

If you are unsure which hangboard to choose, you are always welcome to contact us at info@gubbies.com or on + 45 40 12 42 63.