Finger Training

Finger Training

Finger training equipment for climbers are essential when wanting to improve your climbing skills. See our wide range of finger training products here. 


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Træning til klatring - Artline Balls wood/træ 8.0

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Træning til fingerstyrke klatring - Artline Balls wood/træ 10.0

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trænings cylinder /nonchucks 50 mm

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Powerfingers træningsudstyr til fingre og underarme fra Kletter Retter

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Fingerboard - comix club fra expression

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Beastmaker 2000 hangboard til træning af fingerstyrke klatring

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Gummiring til træning af underarm og fingre

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Bold til fingertræning GripSaver Plus fra Metolius

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Finger Training Equipment for Climbers

If you want to get better at climbing, your fingers, in addition to the technique itself, are clearly a focus area. If you want to know how to get stronger fingers you can advantageously do dead hangs on the hangboard or dynamic exercises with elastics, lifting weights or do rolls with the wrists. Not many people are used to exercising their fingers the way you do when climbing. Therefore, it is also important to start lightly and only slowly and gradually increase the load. On our blog, you will find descriptions of hanging exercises that strengthen your fingers, advice on how to avoid finger injuries, finger exercises and much more. Increase your climbing ability with our finger strength training products and browse our wide range of finger training equipment for climbers here.