Campus Boards

Campus Boards

If you are training with Campus Boards, you're no beginner and know the strength of your fingers. High five, climber! Below are all our Campus Boards listed in several sizes. 

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Rund campusliste small til klatring fra Woodpecker Holds

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Træningsudstyr til klatring

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Klatretræning flat rungs

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Flat rungs small

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Klatregreb af hårdt træ til træning Wood Grips™ fra Metolius

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Hemisphere 12-20

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Campus Boards and Finger Training

What is a campus board? A campus board, or a Wooden Fingerboard, is a great training tool that has been widely adopted to improve climbing performance. How to use a campus board? Typically, a user ascends or descends the campus board using only their hands. Campus boards can take a variety of different forms and may incorporate a variety of materials. As one example, a campus board may comprise horizontal thin slats or rails of wood attached to an inclined board in a ladderlike configuration. However, some implementations may utilize bolt-on climbing holds or sections of pipe. A campus board is generally set at an overhanging angle of inclination that is between vertical and 20 degrees. One consideration for selecting the angle of inclination is the avoidance of any interference that may result between the user's legs and the campus board or wall. Build a campus board yourself with our wide range of products for finger training. Get stronger but stay safe when using a campus board training to gain strength and endurance.