Petzl OXAN Triact-Lock Carabiner

Petzl OXAN Triact-Lock Carabiner

High-strength oval steel carabiner for difficult environments
Suitable for setting up anchors or for connecting to metal structures

20.00 EUR




Petzl OXAN Triact-Lock carabiner

  • High-strength steel carabiner for use in harsh environments, particularly suitable for setting up anchors or for connecting to metal structures
  • Oval symmetrical shape allows optimal positioning of the carabiner
  • May be used with a CAPTIV positioning bar to favor loading of the carabiner along the major axis, to keep it integrated with the device, and to limit the risk of it flipping
  • Easier handling:
    - fluid interior design limits the risk of having a catch point and facilitates rotation of the carabiner
    - Keylock system to avoid any involuntary snagging of the carabiner
  • H cross-section:
    - ensures an optimal strength/weight ratio
    - protects markings from abrasion
  • TRIACT-LOCK: automatic locking with triple-action gate opening

Further specification:
Weight: 230 grams
Material: Steel 
Opening: 20 mm
Ultimate load, closed: 38 kN
Ultimate load, open: 15 kN
Ultimate load, transversal: 16 kN


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