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Chillaz - Feel Good Clothes

Chillaz has designed and produced clothing for outdoor life since 2001. With a location in the beautiful Austrian Alps, you can easily understand the inspiration. But Chillaz's vision extends beyond designing quality fabrics with perfect mobility and comfort. Chillaz is keen to create clothes that go in one with the person wearing them. Most people know the feeling that one's favorite noise in a way helps to tell who you are. And it can be so endlessly hard to get rid of it even though it has been worn out for the longest. That's the type of clothing Chillaz wants to create.

Tire production with social responsibility

Chillaz is not just a business, it's a family. Today, Chillaz occupies 36 people. On the website they emphasize: "Our biggest wish is to work together with every single individual as long as possible - we are a big family and we have to assume responsibility!"

Sustainable fabric production

Chillaz's tire production for life outdoors is design that does not compromise on comfort and quality while at the same time restoring their production of clothing to a sustainable supply of resources. Want to know more about their choice of organic cotton, their attitude towards chemicals and water resources, please read: Chillaz Fabrics 

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