Climbing climber for climbing on rock, on indoor climbing wall for alpine climbingKlatreseler - Buy the right climbing belt here

Klatreselen is an essential part of your personal climbing equipment. There is a sea of ​​different climbing parts, all of which have different advantages. Therefore, before you buy your climbing seat, it is important that you make up yourself what the climbing belt should be used for. As a first time buyer, it is important to have a harness with a good upholstery. This ensures that you can hang in the harness for a long time without getting tired legs. Hips and thigh targets are shown by each individual product, so you are sure to get the right size.

Quick guide for climbing parts 

Klatresele for teaching: look for a one-size climbing belt, simple in the construction and with self-locking buckles. Good upholstery is less important

Climbing for long climbing routes: Look for good padding and 4 equipment loops

Climbing parts for competitive and indoor climbing: Look for lightweight sole with few equipment loops

Climbing kit for children: Choose a full body seat for children between 100 and 140 cm (max 40 kg). Hoftesele can be used for larger children and can be found in children's and junior sizes.

You can read much more about choosing the right climbing belt here: Worth knowing when you buy climbing gear

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