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What does the stock status mean?

593X pcs. in stock - The product is in stock in the specified quantity.
The product is available in our warehouse. Your order will be dispatched the same day from our Danish warehouse via GLS, if ordered before 1 PM.

592Only X pcs. left - The product is in stock but in a limited quantity. We can only deliver the number of products listed right away. Products out of stock will be back-ordered. 

577Back in XX days - The product is currently out of stock. Potential leadtime is specified as a number of days. This means that we order the product from our supplier when you place an order for the product. You can expect to have it after the specified number of days + normal freight time


Restock DD/MM/YY - The product is out of stock at the moment, but it is ordered from our supplier already. You can place an order for the product. We expect to be able to ship it from our warehouse on the specified date.

Mixed stock status

 If an order is created that contains both in stock and out of stock items, we will send the order to you when all items are in stock. If you want to split the delivery into two deliveries, you must place two orders. 


Climbing friend
Available in several sizes

80.00 EUR





Legendary friend for climbing on rock walls. Original design and engineering from Fixe Hardware. REVOLUTION is an improved version of the original Alien Cam. With a weight reduction of 20% is now more convenient to bring up in the heights. The upgrade also involves a narrower head and ability for the use of double loop. In addition, an ergonomic thumb grip has been added so you can easily hold it and remove it from the rock crack again.  

Yellow / red 15 to 33 mm  60 greyms  10 kN
Blue / black 8-17 mm47 g5 kN
Blue / Green 10-22 mm50 g6 kN
Yellow / grey 15 - 30 mm60 g10 kN
Green / Yellow   15-25 mm55 greym7 kN






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