ERGO GRIP CORE S15 from Skylotec

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ErgoHold CORE S15
Skylotec lanyard with steel core
ErgoHold can be operated with one hand, and is suitable for use on sharp edges

175.00 EUR




Skylotec Support Line ERGO GRIP CORE S15

Lanyards can be used to support your position and prevent falls. Skylotec's ERGOGRIP comes as a package that includes a strap with metal core, carabiners, end lock and rope brake. The steel core in the strap and the ready-made metal-reinforced loop contribute to high durability and quality. The locking mechanism can be operated with just one hand and the strap itself is available in lengths from 2 to 5 meters. This opens up a great deal of adaptability in terms of use and work area. It should be emphasized that the support line must not be used as fall protection, but as a stable holding system together with a support belt. The support strap must be short enough that it does not limit free movement, and the maximum drop height does not exceed 0.6 m.

ErgoHold in use in the prevention of falls and as a support system
For use in preventing falls, the carabiner of the guide line adjustment system is attached to a fastening point on the harness. The carabiner at the end of the support line is attached to an anchor point. Make sure all connectors are locked (carabiners). The support line must be set so short that the user cannot reach the area where there is a risk of falling (e.g. roof edge). As a support system, the carabiner on the support line adjustment system is also attached to a point of attachment on the harness. The support line is placed around the place to be used as anchor point (eg mast) and the carabiner at the end of the support line is attached to the second attachment point of the harness. Be careful not to damage the support line with sharp edges where the line is anchored. Make sure all carabiner hooks are closed securely.
NOTE: When working in areas where there is a risk of falling, the harness must always be a fall protection harness. We also recommend to wear a fall protection harness for support functions and for safety reasons

Product details:
Diametre: 15 mm
Suitable for edges: Yes
Max lifetime in use: 4-6 years
Rope core: Stainless steel rope , 8 mm  
  - 2 metres, 1.57 kg
  - 3 metres, 1.94 kg
  - 4 metres, 2, 32 kg
  - 5 metres, 2.69 kg
Materials: Stainless steel, polyester, aluminium


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