2 sqm. climbing wall with MATH holds

2 sqm Climbing wall with Numbers as climbing holds
2 pcs of climbing boards
Climbing board dimension: 1245 x 830 x 15 mm
2 sqm of climbing wall in total
15 climbing holds for kids
Bolts for mounting included


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2 square metres Climbing Wall with 15 holds for kids

The climbing wall consists of 2 boards that are ready for setup. The climbing boards each measure 1245 x 830 x 15 mm corresponding to about 1 square meter per plate.There are hammered/bolted T-nut inserts in the plates, so that the climbing holds are easy to attach. There are 30 T-nut inserts per square meter, which is optimal for distributing climbing routes with varying degrees of difficulty.

Included with the 2 plates is a pack of 15 colorful climbing holds for children. The package contains the numbers from 0 to 9 as well as the characters -, +, x, / and =.

Bolts for mounting all climbing holds alre also included.


The climbing boards are made of water-resistant birch plywood with impact-resistant friction surface (quartz sand surface for good friction). The climbing boards are painted on all sides and can be used indoors.

As there are differences in how the climbing boards should be mounted, depending on whether it is a brick wall, a wooden wall, a concrete wall or a drywall, screws are NOT provided for attaching the climbing boards to the walls.

Fall zone and safety

All climbing facilities in public spaces must comply with the playground regulations for safety and fall zones. There are no regulations for private homes. The following advice and recomendations therefore applies only to those, who want to build a climbing wall at home.

1. Do not build a climbing wall higher than 2.5 meters.
2. Make sure there is no radiator or furniture standing right next to the climbing wall.
3. Always have a mattress placed under the climbing wall so that the kids can jump down and land softly, therefore preventing injuries from hard falls.

At Gubbies, we make bespoke customised solutions of fall zones/matracess and climbing wall designs for public spaces, halls and climbing clubs. Call or write to us if you are interested in hearing more about the solutions we can offer. Our Crash Pads can also be a good solution for a fall zone under a smaller climbing walls.


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