Habara Markless Rental Shoe

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Sets no black marks on the wall
Great comfort, no odor and extra strong rubber sole



Habara Mark Less for rent / lending climbing clubs

Habara the world, to date coolest rental- or lending climbing! The Korean Butora behind, and they have really been trying to design the perfect climbing for beginners. A climber is guaranteed to provide new climbing a great experience on the wall. The grey sole makes no marks on the wall and is made of something harder and resistant rubber than conventional climbing. The fit is designed with great comfort in mind and an extra nice touch is that størrelsesangivelserne listed on the heel. Thus, it becomes easy to organize and find the right shoe on the shelf.

We recommend that you go about 2-3 Size Up over your everyday   shoes.

5 good reasons to choose Habara next time I have to change shoes out of the club.

1) The most comfortable climbing shoes for rent / lending climbing clubs

Why is it important?

As an experienced climber who goes after the performance, a little pain endured well. For beginners it is just uncool that one first climbs being spoiled by pain.

2) "Non-marking" soles that protects the climbing wall

HABARAs soles are light grey and puts no marks on the climbing wall. It is a well known fact that beginners do not have the most precise footwork. Here are HABARAs bright soles very smart: start climbers are allowed to experiment loose on climbing the walls without leaving large black marks. It's fuckin 'win-win!

3) Climbing shoes with less odor nuisance

The people behind the climbing shoe Habara, has chosen to be the shoes with 100% organic hemp. This reduces odor scenes markedly since hemp has a natural ability to repel perspiration odor, dirt and debris. The shoes aired just after use and is then ready for use again. The result is significant and a real bonus for new members and guests.

4) Save money on climbing for rent / lending

Butoras climbing shoes are designed to last twice as long as conventional climbing. There is therefore both a cost saving and an administrative optimization compared to make sure that there is always climbing to prospective members.

5) Sustainable bonus

Climbing that last twice as long as other climbing shoes, also means a halving of dilapidated climbing shoes that just need to be thrown out. In addition, our environmental footprint is also about packaging and transportation. Habara rental climbing shoes are delivered without boxes. It means less packaging waste and less weight in the transportation

All in all, Habara from Butora to be a huge scoop for climbing clubs. To give potential new members a good experience with the first climbing experiences can quickly become good investment for your club. Good experiences = new members: -)

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