Friends, Hexes and Nuts

Friends, Hexes and Nuts

We have assembled a wide selection of friends, hexes and nuts from a number of different manufacturers. The climbing equipment is typically used for traditional climbing on rocks.

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Friends, Hexes, and Nuts - Climbing equipment for traditional climbing


Friends is the mechanical version of a hex. When a Friend is subjected to a pull, a grab comb is released which ensures that the Friend is wedged in the rock crack. A Friend can, like a Hexe, be used in parallel slits.


Hexes or Rockcentries, as our products are called, have the same function as Friends. The difference is the shape of the small head that is put in the rock crack. On the Hex, the head is shaped so that when the hexagon moves, it rotates and sets in tension with the widest part of the hex. The shape of the witch makes it usable in cracks that are more parallel.


As the name indicates, a small aluminum nut mounted on the end of a piece of wire with a loop in the end. Nuts are used during climbing on rocks where they can go into small wedge-shaped crevices. When the nut is mounted, you put your express loop in the nut and then you can secure your rope in the express loop and climb further. 

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