Packages with climbing equipment

Packages with climbing equipment

Custom climbing packages make perfect sense if you are a beginner looking to purchase all the necessary equipment, for your first time rock climbing, or if you're training to become an instructor etc. - save money here!

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Klatresele SUNSTONE fra Skylotec til klatring
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Buy climbing packs and save 10-15% - Packages with basic climbing equipment

To make it easier for you to choose, we have put together several different packages of personal equipment. The packages have different focuses and are targeted for example at sports climbing, beginners, or children. As we collect the equipment in packages we also have the opportunity to give you a little discount which is also visible in the different package solutions.You typically save between 10 and 15% by purchasing the climbing equipment as a package solutions. The overall climbing packages are also great gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays.

Starter kits with climbing equipment form these categories 

- Starter pack with all the climbing equipment you need to get started.

- Complete packages for children.

- Package solutions for everone getting into rock climbing.

- Tree climbing packages.