How to let your skin heal and reboot

In general, it is important for all climbers to be aware of the skin and learn how to treat it. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced climber, your skin will need some extra care after hitting the walls.

Especially your hands and fingers will be subjected to pressure and stress during climbing, so adding moisture is super important, so you can avoid too many blisters and cracks on your hands and fingers. Using chalk also adds to dry and fissured hands.

The true lifesaver - A good hand cream!

A good hand cream should be a part of your climbing essentials and used regularly. We recommend using CLIMBSKIN HAND CREAM several times a day. This gentle hand cream is developed by climbers for climbers, which means that all the properties of the cream are specifically adapted for climbers. The cream contains some of the most regenerating substances from nature, which helps to reboot and heal your skin. 

Before climbing: Apply the cream a few hours before going climbing. The cream works easily and quickly into the skin so that it doesn't feel too greasy. Having trouble remembering? Try making it a part of your daily morning routine.

After climbing: Wipe off loose skin and wash and dry hands thoroughly. The cream is now applied incrementally - 1 to 2 layers are usually sufficient. Apply evenly on the first layer, leaving no residue of the cream on the skin. In case of skin cracks, apply a thick layer to the damaged area and allow it to soak for 20 minutes before lubricating it. You can repeat this procedure up to 3 times in one day.


Have any questions about skin care? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us!